about me 

Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Brown




Alpha NYC Company  |   Sleeping Beauty   |   Gardenia 

H. Frank Carey Arts   |   Little Women   |   Beth

H. Frank Carey Arts   |  Rumors   |   Chris

H. Frank Carey Arts   |  The Diary of Anne Frank  |   Margot Frank 

H. Frank Carey Arts   |  MacBeth  |   Gentlewoman 


Jourdan Guyton   |   Saint The Series   |   Supporting

William Weinig   |   Cold Blooded   |   Lead

Noah Goodman   |   Swiped   |   Supporting 

Zef Cota   |   Honor Doesn't Cost A Thing  |   Supporting 

Lev Gorn  |   The Americans  |   Featured 


Seventeen   |   Fox & Jane Salon   |   Lead 

Hearst Media   |   Trading Faces   |   Lead


T. Schreiber Studios  |   On Camera Scene Study   |   Peter Miner

The Barrow Group   |   Monologue Analysis   |   Stephen Singer

The Barrow Group   |   Monologue Analysis   |   Stephen Singer

  Kathryn Taylor   |   TV

Bob Luke   |  On Camera Auditioning


 Special Skills 

Speaks fluent Italian, hosting, tele promoter reading, violinist, flutist, singing, 

makeup artistry, skiing (snow), swimming, basketball, bicycling, cycling, driving,

pole dancing, ice skating

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